The Bug and all things VW

Today my letter is W and I am writing about my VW Bug. Yes, I know it starts with a V, but the W is just as important.

First I think I have to explain that the car I drive is a VW Beetle, one of the newer ones. It’s much more than a car, as I have come to realize. It’s a statement, it’s a conversation piece, and it’s a joy to drive around. I mean, just take a look at that smile! How can you resist smiling back?! Everyday I feel like I have my very own Mardi Gras float.

My husband bought the Bug for me as a gift. He thought I’d look cute driving one around. It’s green, very, very green.

One afternoon in Austin, TX we picked up our friend Marc to go and look at properties for sale. My husband drove and Marc rode shotgun up front and I settled in the backseat. After a few miles Marc says, in his very British-Leeds accent, “Dood, I guess aftah drivin’ this for a while ya haff to reach down ‘n touch yah nads to remind yah-self yer still a dood, right?” Thus ensued much fist waving in the air to loud calls of “Yeah!!” and “Wooooohooo! Arrrghhhh” I’m quite certain to the uninformed observers we passed on the road that their loud proclamations did nothing to ensure their manhoods were being recognized. Anything, but that. Continue reading


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tiny me

When I was doing research for one of my posts about narcissism I came across an interesting article about where narcissism develops and some reasons why it happens. You see, people are not born to be narcissistic. Narcissism is a learned behavior and usually manifests into a malignant and damaging behavior as the individual ages. If a child is not given counseling or assistance with correcting this behavior, which is essentially a defense mechanism, at an early age, they will develop into a full blown malignant narcissist and by then their behavior is as much a part of who they are as the nose on their face is.

However, sociopaths are born that way. It’s in their genetic material.    Continue reading

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is there a difference between COAC and a Narcissistic Silent Treatment?


COAC means Cut Off All Contact and this is very good advice given to victims of a malignant narcissist or a sociopath. It simply means no contact, of any kind, with the person that has been abusing you. It is a way to eliminate the abuser’s access to you.

Someone asked me a while back what the difference was between COAC and a Narcissistic Silent Treatment. They didn’t think there was one and were sure that they equaled the same behavior. The blank stare I gave them was probably perplexing, but while sorting through that question in my own brain, I just could not fathom how they reached that conclusion.

Finally I responded to them.

Yes, there is a huge difference!   Continue reading


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being rude on Vacation

photo by Chris Shultz

photo by Chris Shultz

Today the letter is V and my article is about how to Vacation without being rude.

I live on an island and in the summertime my hometown fills with visitors from all over the world. Having this many folks descend on our tiny piece of paradise requires a huge number of workers in the service industry to accommodate them. The service industry consists of wait staff, pool guys, reservationists, housekeepers, grounds keepers, technicians, bartenders, entertainers and a plethora of other folks. Most of these people are hard working individuals that have this short window of time during the year to make as much money as they can. They need to be able to sustain the winter months, when the island is dormant. They are paid hourly wages, some are salaried, but most are working for minimum wage and tips.

It’s not always paradise, in paradise.   Continue reading


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potty shot

Today my letter is U and I am writing about being Uninvited and what that means.

There have been several occasions throughout my lifetime that I have been uninvited to an event, a party, or an outing. Sometimes it’s hurtful, but most of the time it is simply an oversight.

One time my name was omitted from a wedding invitation because I had dated the groom. The wedding was my cousin’s. Yes, I dated the guy, but I only went out with him twice and he never even kissed me on the lips. I didn’t particularly spark with him so the next time he called I was busy. He dated my cousin right after that and she ended up pregnant, so he married her. I think that was good on him, but I don’t think it was good on her not to invite me to the wedding just because I dated him.   Continue reading

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Today my letter is T and I am writing about teamwork.

We learn to play and be a part of teams from the moment we are born. In the beginning the “team” is your family; mom, dad and your siblings. When we start to venture out into the world, other teams come into play. Teams and being a part of a team is a huge part of school life and we learn to participate and contribute to a team of one sort, or another, throughout the years we are attending school. There are all kinds of teams in school. It can be sports, or a science lab, cheerleading or a photography project like putting together the yearbook.

When we leave school the next team we join is one at work.   Continue reading


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Be fearless!


Don’t be afraid of the pink slip, because it just means a better job is around the bend. Don’t run from the haircut, in fact tell them to take another inch. And if you get stuck in charm school, soak it up and then run through the mudholes in your bare feet on the way to the bus stop.

Get out there live fearlessly. Learn and love all that this life has to offer and let it explode in your face so you can feel the heat that comes from being alive.


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The rain falls

me in the garden

The rain starts to fall when I am bent down close to the Earth pulling weeds in my garden. I raise my face towards the sky and feel it flow from the brim of my straw hat and drip down my back. The day has already been so sticky hot and I welcome the cool bath from the heavens. I close my eyes and let it wash the sweat from my brow and I feel it cleansing the dirt from my hands. It is good here crouched deep amidst my flowers, hidden from the world and wet with the promise of new life.


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A Personal Boundary Primer and Category for you

Category shot

For the last few years I have done some major soul searching and made positive and constructive steps in my own life. I have written so many different articles about my endeavour to make and keep Personal Boundaries of my own and I realize that they are scattered throughout my other blog posts and might be hard to locate.

So I’m putting them all in one place by adding a new Category named Personal Boundaries. Now they are just one click away if you ever need to find them.

I hope they bring you some peace and understanding about making your own Personal Boundaries.



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Sanuk, an update

sanuk logo

Today my letter is S and I have decided to write a followup to another Sanuks product review I did entitled My Husband’s Sanuks. 

I must say…I really like this company and the way they do business. I got my first chuckle upon hearing the Hold introduction, which promises that they won’t share your call with the NSA. From the company that wants to put a little funk in your step, Sanuks lives up to it’s promise to make sure you’re a happy customer.   Continue reading

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