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I was complaining about a person’s bad behavior recently when a good friend told me something I had never considered. It’s funny how we all have our own perception of situations and never stop to think about the other side of it. She told me that I could sit over here all day and talk about how nutty I thought the person was, or that I couldn’t believe it when they did that, or even that I thought the person was evil. Yes, I could do that until I turned blue from lack of breath, but I shouldn’t think for one minute that this person was sitting over at their house, thinking they were an asshole or even a psycho, and maybe they shouldn’t behave so badly from now on.

Nope, they probably were not sitting around beating themselves up and thinking what a horrible person they might be. In fact, the opposite was true.

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The Walking Dead, I have questions

from Wikipedia

from Wikipedia

The Walking Dead is television horror drama that airs weekly on the AMC channel. It’s about a virus that attacks the human brain, turning people into flesh-eating zombies once they die. At first I didn’t want to watch it, fearing it would give me awful nightmares, but when my husband and I decided to watch the series from the beginning to present day, both of us got hooked on the storyline and the characters. This show is more about the human condition and how we evolve and adapt, than it is about what happens after we die and become zombies.

We are currently viewing Season 4.

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that’s not my Name

Them: Awww! Thank you Kathy!

Me: It’s Katy.

Them: What?

Me: My name is Katy.

Them: *chuckling* Katy. Kathy. Same thing!

Me: Um, no it isn’t the same thing.

Them: Well, yes it is! Katy is just short for Katherine and Kathy is short for Katherine. So same thing!

Me: Katy isn’t short for anything. It’s my whole name. Katy.

Them: My, my, my some people are soooo sensitive!

Me: I’m not being too sensitive. I’m simply correcting your mistake about my name. How would you like it if I called you Judy?

Them: Don’t be silly! My name is Jillian! You know that!

Me: I do know that, but evidently you don’t know, and refuse now to understand, that my name is Katy.   Continue reading

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Narcissistic Condolences


Usually when someone passes away normal folks reach out to the loved ones extending condolences and offers to help out, be there for them in their time of need or simply to reassure them they are loved. But a narcissist has no idea how to properly feel sympathy, or empathy, so their contact will be a little less consoling and a little more about how the death in your life affects them, than it does you.

A narcissist will make it all about themselves.   Continue reading


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what hasn’t been said about the Holiday Narcissist

393 I’ve seen so many of these sorts of articles in the past month that I decided I wanted to write about the one thing that hasn’t been mentioned yet. The Holiday Narcissist is so delusional that they sincerely believe that you want to come to their holiday festivities.   Continue reading


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Oh yeah! This is the truth! :)



December 12, 2014 · 8:03 pm

Sociopaths, Approval and Victim Perfectionism

Madeline Scribes:

This goes for all of them. Sociopaths in your life can be friends, colleagues, bosses or inlaws.

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Sociopaths openly debase others in order to brainwash their new/current target into absolute and complete compliance.

The new/current target serves as the sociopath’s attentive audience. The new/current target listens with deep interest and awe as the sociopath talks about his disapproval and disgust of those from the sociopath’s past.

“She was so lazy.”

“She never cooked for me.”

“When she did cook, it was terrible.”

“He was so fat.”

“She pretended to work hard.”

“She was so fake. Her friends were fake too.”

“She only had that job because they didn’t know where else to put her in the company.”

“He was so arrogant and really thought he was something special.”

“She was so spoiled. Daddy was always bailing her out.”

“He just used me for my connections.”

“She gained so much weight and left the laundry unfolded for days in the basket.”

“She dressed like a slob.”

“She was…

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Discovering what’s good

Facebook Discovery #275

When someone tells you they really have nothing to do with someone, but they pay more attention to what that person says on Facebook and almost never say anything to you on there.

Here’s a clue…they aren’t being totally honest with you.   Continue reading


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life’s piggy bank

There is something I think everyone should know about life.

The things you go through, especially the rough patches in life, can teach us so much about ourselves, and about how strong we can be. No matter what happens, or how difficult it is when we are going through it, we can get through it and gain that valuable life experience and know what not to do the next time.

Think of it like a piggy bank.

You’re saving up all of this experience so your life can be happier, healthier and more fulfilling in ways that might not be possible yet.

Save it up!

Save it so when the rainy day comes, you’ll already know to carry an umbrella, or to dance with joyful abandon in the puddles.

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