I will never be silent again

I will never stop sharing.

Not ever.

No one will silence my thoughts.

No one will stifle my humor.

I will not bend to someone’s whims or perception of how they think I should behave.

It’s nonsense for anyone to be expected to do that.

Utter nonsense.

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let me beat you up with love

When someone tells you what they really think of you and they are not kind about it and truly heinous remarks are made and then they tell you how awesome they think you are and that they are your friend…here’s another way to look at it.

Take a baseball bat and swing it hard enough to break your friend’s bones. Then hug them and tell them how much you love them.

Does this sound like a friend you’d like to keep around?   Continue reading

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getting credit

One of my friends used some of my work to promote a great cause and told me that I could write anything I wanted to about myself to add to it.

Now I am always pretty proud of my work, but when it’s used to promote something charitable I rarely see it as something I *need* to take credit for. In fact, I would never even consider that as part of the package. I realize that not everyone has the same attitude though, and that’s fine. I’m just a low maintenance kinda gal.   Continue reading

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when you stop and really think about it…

Karma I saw that

I see a lot of these new stories about being watched or our movements being digitally recorded. I read the aghast comments twinged with outrage and I wonder what’s up with that.

You see, I live a rather simple life. I don’t do anything illegal or secretive. I’m really not going anywhere I would be ashamed to go and the people that scare me are either too preoccupied with themselves to hunt me or too stupid to figure this technology out.

So really, who cares?


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own your own junk

Sometimes when I get angry, past transgressions churn to the surface and erupt like adult acne. I’m not sure if it’s because I stayed silent for so long, or because it still hurts, but I’m going to use my own weakness to move forward. I know I might never “get over it”, but that’s okay.

The people that love me, love me.

I encourage each of you to be real about what hurts you, talk about your troubles and deal with your junk. No one else can do that for you, but they can listen when you’re talking and hug you after.

The people that love you, really love you.

And the ones that don’t, don’t matter

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do this!

If you only do one thing for yourself today, do this.

Look in the mirror and say out loud “I know who I am.”

And believe it.

It is never going to matter if other people know you, if you don’t even know yourself.


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What makes you unique?

heart light

There is something to be learned from the individual that seeks out the unknown underdogs of the world, instead of just hanging out with the “cool kids” all the time. You see, hanging out with the “cool kids” doesn’t mean that you are one of them, it doesn’t make you an individual and it certainly doesn’t mean you’re special.

In fact, it doesn’t mean you’ll ever be anything more in life than someone who hangs out and hangs on.

Strike out on your own and create your unique space in this world and leave the cool kids in your dust.

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successful vs unsuccessful

success and unsuccess


I saw this meme on Facebook and it struck such a chord with me that I wanted to share it with you. I actually learned something about myself and that is that I actually do all of the things on the green, successful side, except for the To Be List. I also do some of the things on the yellow unsuccessful side. I can be critical sometimes. I absolutely hold grudges. Sometimes I fly by the seat of my pants and I watch tv everyday, except when I’m on assignment working. When I am in the field working I don’t watch tv at all. I’m not sure if that means anything, or not.

Rather than use this meme as a way of feeling superior about myself in comparison to others, which is sometimes the intent of memes like this one, I will use this more to improve the parts of the yellow side that I see in myself. I will also strive to be 100% on the green side, but with the knowledge that it’s okay to slide over to the yellow side occasionally. As long as you’re aware, you’re doing okay.




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being grateful, showing kindness, being a Giver, it’s all good

angie and katy

My friend Angie and I were having a discussion about this subject yesterday. Like me, Angie gets annoyed with people that constantly take and take and take, and never give anything back, or even offer to give something back. Believe it or not, but there are some people out there that you will continually bend over backwards for, that will never give you a second thought. Those people are called Takers.

I have quite a few friends that have the same philosophy in life that I have and that is a very good thing. They enjoy giving back to people. They truly enjoy giving. They don’t do it because they expect anything. They don’t even expect a thank you, even though it’s nice to get one occasionally. They do it because it makes them feel good. It’s a great feeling and a very good place to be in your own life. However, I did not get here without doing a whole lot of interior work first. Trust me, I will never be finished with that project either. I am a work in progress…always.   Continue reading


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Our feral cat is raising money to save a wildlife preserve

Arya Squirt

Arya Squirt

I was excited today to take a trip down to Hatteras Island to view Arya Squirt’s public debut. Her image has been made into a children’s puzzle and proceeds will go towards funding for Pea Island National Wildlife Preserve in Rodanthe, NC. Her photograph has been made into a puzzle and some of the pieces are in the different shapes of cats. Like Squirt, the puzzle is quite unique and it’s absolutely gorgeous!   Continue reading


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