successful vs unsuccessful

success and unsuccess


I saw this meme on Facebook and it struck such a chord with me that I wanted to share it with you. I actually learned something about myself and that is that I actually do all of the things on the green, successful side, except for the To Be List. I also do some of the things on the yellow unsuccessful side. I can be critical sometimes. I absolutely hold grudges. Sometimes I fly by the seat of my pants and I watch tv everyday, except when I’m on assignment working. When I am in the field working I don’t watch tv at all. I’m not sure if that means anything, or not.

Rather than use this meme as a way of feeling superior about myself in comparison to others, which is sometimes the intent of memes like this one, I will use this more to improve the parts of the yellow side that I see in myself. I will also strive to be 100% on the green side, but with the knowledge that it’s okay to slide over to the yellow side occasionally. As long as you’re aware, you’re doing okay.




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being grateful, showing kindness, being a Giver, it’s all good

angie and katy

My friend Angie and I were having a discussion about this subject yesterday. Like me, Angie gets annoyed with people that constantly take and take and take, and never give anything back, or even offer to give something back. Believe it or not, but there are some people out there that you will continually bend over backwards for, that will never give you a second thought. Those people are called Takers.

I have quite a few friends that have the same philosophy in life that I have and that is a very good thing. They enjoy giving back to people. They truly enjoy giving. They don’t do it because they expect anything. They don’t even expect a thank you, even though it’s nice to get one occasionally. They do it because it makes them feel good. It’s a great feeling and a very good place to be in your own life. However, I did not get here without doing a whole lot of interior work first. Trust me, I will never be finished with that project either. I am a work in progress…always.   Continue reading


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Our feral cat is raising money to save a wildlife preserve

Arya Squirt

Arya Squirt

I was excited today to take a trip down to Hatteras Island to view Arya Squirt’s public debut. Her image has been made into a children’s puzzle and proceeds will go towards funding for Pea Island National Wildlife Preserve in Rodanthe, NC. Her photograph has been made into a puzzle and some of the pieces are in the different shapes of cats. Like Squirt, the puzzle is quite unique and it’s absolutely gorgeous!   Continue reading


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Zzzzzzzz, more flies with honey

Free meme to SHARE :)

Free meme to SHARE :)

Today my letter is Z. This is the final Alphabet Blog and one I think could be cathartic for myself and for many of the people that read it. It is about endings. It is also about new beginnings and looking forward to a healthier life surrounded by quality folks.

Growing up my grandmother had a favorite saying she would apply to me every time I wanted to argue with either her, or someone else. When she said it out loud, she would apply this syrupy sweet voice to accompany the words. I remember thinking that it had to be some of the worst advice I had ever heard and I didn’t appreciate her efforts to make it sound sweeter either.

“You draw more flies with honey, than you do with vinegar.”

I’m sure she never appreciated the blank stares I gave her each time. I was not one easily swayed against arguing my point if I thought I was right. It wasn’t long before I developed a comeback of my own to her teachings.

“But I don’t like flies.”

And so, there ya have it. One of life’s lessons dissected and met with the purest of truths. The opinion of a child that had never been exposed to the travesty of having to deal with most of the flies that pollute our daily lives as adults. But I think I already had a handle on  it.    Continue reading


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picking your battles wisely, or not at all


princess sparkle cropped

These days I find I have almost no tolerance for conflict or drama. It’s not that I have become impatient with friends because I think I have the patience of a saint. Okay, maybe not a saint, unless there’s a Saint Tutu, but I am pretty level. I am in the process of learning how to let go of certain feelings, battles and people in my life that constantly cause drama and it has been a chore for me. I chide myself that perhaps I do love some drama. I just don’t care for the drama that leaves one completely devastated.

So, let’s start here…   Continue reading


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a certain level of trust

bad boy

Bad Boy

I made some bacon this morning while I was waiting for my husband to return home from visiting his mother. He had asked if I would make some eggs and such for breakfast when he got back, so I decided to get the bacon cooked and ready to go because it usually takes the longest to make. When it was all ready, I took a piece out to the deck, where Bad Boy was resting on the bench.

Bad Boy is a feral male cat and he used to be rather ferocious. He would hiss, growl and spit and you couldn’t get near him. I trapped him finally and had him neutered. Now he spends his days close by and comes running when I call his name. I brush him and feed him treats and he in turn shows me his own kind of affection by bonking me with his head and purring.

But he is still very feral.   Continue reading


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You’ve changed, and I don’t like it

Orestes Pursued by the Furies, by John Singer ...

Orestes Pursued by the Furies, by John Singer Sargent. 1921. The erinyes represent the guilt for murdering his mother. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

by Madeline Laughs

My letter today is Y and it’s all about You and taking care of You.

One of the many trials you’ll experience when you start making personal boundaries is the guilt. A big surprise they don’t tell you about when making personal boundaries are the people you’ll end up dealing with that you never thought you’d need to set personal boundaries in order to protect yourself from.

I had a friend that constantly warned me about making boundaries in order to protect myself from people that had every intention of hurting me, but once I made them she felt compelled to violate every single one of them! I had no idea just how much she abused her friendship with me until I finally sat down and got to know myself well enough to know what I didn’t want in my life. Unfortunately, she turned out to be the perfect reason to have every single boundary. No one was more shocked than I was!   Continue reading


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fun with Xerox

Today my letter is X. I guess I could have written something X rated, or perhaps I could have written about Xrays, but I think you might find this post just as interesting, or maybe even more interesting, than those other two topics. Enjoy!!

Do you remember when they first came out and people would say “We have to get this Xeroxed!” Talk about branding! Xerox because a verb. :)   Continue reading

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The Bug and all things VW

Today my letter is W and I am writing about my VW Bug. Yes, I know it starts with a V, but the W is just as important.

First I think I have to explain that the car I drive is a VW Beetle, one of the newer ones. It’s much more than a car, as I have come to realize. It’s a statement, it’s a conversation piece, and it’s a joy to drive around. I mean, just take a look at that smile! How can you resist smiling back?! Everyday I feel like I have my very own Mardi Gras float.

My husband bought the Bug for me as a gift. He thought I’d look cute driving one around. It’s green, very, very green.

One afternoon in Austin, TX we picked up our friend Marc to go and look at properties for sale. My husband drove and Marc rode shotgun up front and I settled in the backseat. After a few miles Marc says, in his very British-Leeds accent, “Dood, I guess aftah drivin’ this for a while ya haff to reach down ‘n touch yah nads to remind yah-self yer still a dood, right?” Thus ensued much fist waving in the air to loud calls of “Yeah!!” and “Wooooohooo! Arrrghhhh” I’m quite certain to the uninformed observers we passed on the road that their loud proclamations did nothing to ensure their manhoods were being recognized. Anything, but that. Continue reading


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tiny me

When I was doing research for one of my posts about narcissism I came across an interesting article about where narcissism develops and some reasons why it happens. You see, people are not born to be narcissistic. Narcissism is a learned behavior and usually manifests into a malignant and damaging behavior as the individual ages. If a child is not given counseling or assistance with correcting this behavior, which is essentially a defense mechanism, at an early age, they will develop into a full blown malignant narcissist and by then their behavior is as much a part of who they are as the nose on their face is.

However, sociopaths are born that way. It’s in their genetic material.    Continue reading


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