Yesterday sitting around with a bunch of my colleagues was enlightening. One of the men joined the group of us and started out by discussing his ethnicity. He said “Yeah, where I grew up was a Waspy, all white neighborhood and they made fun of me because I was different and had a Latino name, but I didn’t speak a word of Spanish.” He was being funny, so everyone laughed, including me.

Then I looked around the room. There was a Filipino, two African Americans and a couple of Hispanics and me, white, Anglo Saxon…WASPy, I guess.

All week I have worked closely with my colleagues and never once did I see color, ethnicity, or even a bit of difference. I never see those things. To me, they are just people. It took someone who sees nothing but color and ethnicity, to make me even look. The realization made me sad.

I wondered why he told that story.

I wondered if he meant to single me out.

And then I remembered who I am.

I am not the one who is afraid or ashamed of being different. And then everyone went back to being just people I work with. Including him.

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forget me not

301239_105534642888318_2051860960_n (1)

last night one of my friends was supposed to call me…and she forgot.

today I was supposed to go somewhere with another friend…and she forgot to call and tell me it was cancelled.

so I just sent a bunch of “don’t forget me” text messages to random people.   Continue reading


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a Cosmo test?

chris and me

Every time I see an article that starts with “Take the true test of a good marriage…”, I always have to laugh. If you have reached that low point in your marriage where you would have to “test” it using something like this, then trust me, your marriage is either in deep trouble, or it’s already over.   Continue reading

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You be You

Separate your own feelings and thoughts from others.

Be an individual and realize that you are unique, as is everyone.

Another person can not complete you.

You can learn how to stand alone, be independent and healthy, all on your own.

You don’t need anyone else in order to do that.

~Madeline Laughs

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Magazines, they pile up


I have always loved having a magazine subscription. I would look forward to that magazine every month. I remember when Real Simple magazine first came out. I couldn’t wait to subscribe and I saved every one of those magazines from it’s first year in publication. When we moved, I was heartbroken to give them up.  They had so much important information I wanted to go back to eventually.   Continue reading

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learn to Share


When I was very young and outgrew my favorite clothing and toys I was asked to share them with children that would still get use and pleasure from them. If I had an overabundance of something I was again asked to share what I had. I was a child and children are naturally selfish without inhibition, so sometimes when a toy was a particular favorite item, I rebelled. “No! I do not want to give away my favorite shirt or my favorite doll! I will not share just because I have two! Let them get their own stuff!”   Continue reading

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love, sorry, can’t help you

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday about how to deal with someone that tries to make you responsible for how another person is treating them. When an adult tells you “You have to fix this so they will leave me alone!” this is how you handle it…   Continue reading

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tattooed and personal

from you :)

from…thank you :)

One of my friends has a couple of interesting tattoos.

One of them is the motorcycle wheel with wings, except one of the wings on hers is upside down. It is not the best looking tattoo I’ve ever seen and I had a lot of questions about why she got this particular bit of ink. She patiently explained to me one day that the tattoo artist did this on purpose because he said no one ever knew if she was coming or going. I looked very closely at it again and said to her  “I think when he realized he had screwed up your tattoo he knew he had to come up with a good story to tell you so you wouldn’t start asking for a refund.”   Continue reading

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my jalapeno poppers! HOT STUFF!!

jalapeno poppers

Jalapeno peppers are so easy to grow and one plant can produce peppers all summer long. I always freeze them when I have an abundance. You just take an empty plastic Ziploc bag and throw them in whenever you pick them and then pop the bag into the freezer. You can add peppers to this bag all summer long and use them as you please.

This recipe will make one dozen jalapeno poppers.   Continue reading

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