our cat Mavros finds the best solutions!

sumbuddy puts cwap on my sits place!

What the hell is this on my sits place?!


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driftwood forest



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Never allow someone to isolate you

This is how Glinda feels about a narcissist.

This is how Glinda feels about a narcissist. She thinks they’re silly and poking her tongue out at them is her way of saying “Neener! I know what a real friend looks like and it’s not you!”

When you start to realize you’ve been isolated, often it’s too late to reverse the damages done. Sometimes you will have no idea just how isolated you are until situations arise that require you to be in the presence of the perfect storm.

What is that perfect storm?

How does it manifest and who is to blame?

It manifests through the meticulous grooming and manipulation of you by a narcissist, that is intent on isolating you so they have you all to themselves.    Continue reading


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art as Art as artists, as People as human


Do you know the feeling when you see some of the abstract or modern art pieces and think to yourself “I could do that!”. You wonder how in the world this artist became famous and sometimes very wealthy, just from producing work like this.

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there’s Corn at the Figge in Iowa


The Corn Zone, by artist and farmer Michael Meilahn, at the Figge Art Museum in Davenport, Iowa, has got to be one of the most fascinating installations I have seen in a very long time. I marveled at glass sculptures of corn that were as large as myself, hanging from the ceiling like soldiers. The walls were constantly changing with videos and music filled the room.

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so…only when we bleed?


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Resentment is a one way street to nowhere

not on the people that wish you were dead

There are people that tend to always stand out in the cold, gazing through the window at everyone nestled up to a warm fire enjoying each others company. They know the people inside are happy and having a good time and they hate every one of them for it because they desperately want to be inside too. They complain about how they never get invited inside, even though the door is not locked and they could enter anytime they pleased. And when you invite them inside, they will fight with you for inviting them, but they still expect you to stand there and listen to why it sucks that they are not inside. Then they will hate you for eventually going inside too.

This observation was shared with me by a close friend recently and it was one I had never considered.  Continue reading


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Homemade lemon cream cheese blueberry layer cake

Lemon blueberry cream cheese cake

Today is the annual Baking Treats With Our Girlfriends Day, so I thought it would put everyone in the holiday mood to see some of the treats we will be making today.  If you are out and about, stop by for a slice!

This is a lemon cream cheese blueberry layer cake. Yummy!   Continue reading


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New Mexico


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if you Love me


Image by TopTechWriter.US via Flickr

by Madeline Laughs

“I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”
— Marilyn Monroe

I couldn’t have said that better myself if I tried.

Falling in love is one of the leading moments in a person’s life. From the first blush of romance to the day you both decide that this is home. It is exciting to embark on a new journey with someone that fits you like a second skin.

What some people forget is the feeling of this second skin. They forget how right it felt, how safe and warm those nights were. Molting under the heat of blending two lives together, they focus on their new mate with the glare of one seeing imperfections for the first time.  Continue reading


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